North Carolina man honored for risking life to save woman from burning car

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Washington, October 24, 2018 | comments

North Carolina man honored for risking life to save woman from burning car

Brookley Cromer
Updated 1 hr ago | Posted on Oct 24, 2018

A Flat Rock man was honored for his heroic actions after risking his life to save a woman from a burning car.

Scot Love was presented the Carnegie Medal in a ceremony with North Carolina Congressman Mark Meadows on Tuesday.

The award is presented to individuals throughout the United States and Canada who risk their lives while saving or attempting to save another.

Love was nominated for the award after pulling a woman from a fiery crash in December 2016.

“My heart just wouldn't let me leave a person in a burning car. I just couldn't do it but I had to reconcile that if I didn't get out I was going to die,” Scot Love said, “To go back and think of that part of is emotional for me. It's hard to handle because I knew I could not let this person die.”

Love was hit with the life or death scenario while in San Antonio for work.

“I saw a red and orange glow, and in my mind I knew it had to be a car crash, so I took off across the highway toward the car,” Love said.

He sprinted across the highway, and as he got closer to the accident, heard screams coming from the car.

"I could see that she was underneath the dash and the only thing visible was her upper torso and her head and her arms and everything else had gone under the dash,” Love said, “I crawled in the car and got to where she was and my arms under her arms and began to pull, but I couldn't get her out of the car. She was stuck."

In that moment, Love said something came over him.

"I turned to the girl and looked at her, while holding her hand and said, ‘In Jesus name' and the moment I said those words, she said her legs were free and I began to pull her out,” Love said.

He said he pulled her to safety just minutes before the car exploded.

"It's amazing and I'm forever grateful for him and him accepting this award comes to show who he really is as a person. He's just a great man," Mishelle Calzoncit, who survived the crash said. 

Calzoncit said she wouldn't be alive today without the heroic actions of Scot Love.

Love was presented the Carnegie Award for risking her life to save hers, but said it would not have been possible without the power of prayer.

"I understand why I received the Carnegie Medal for bravery, but for me personally, it's a testimony of what God can do and has done in his goodness," Love said.

Mishelle suffered third-degree burns and shattered her right leg in the accident, but miraculously made a full recovery. She's a full-time nursing student in San Antonio.

Scot Love is one of nineteen people from across the country awarded the Carnegie Medal this year. Since 1904, 10,028 people have received the award.

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