Meadows Praises President Trump’s Executive Order on Regulation Rollback

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WASHINGTON, October 10, 2019 | Ben Williamson (202-225-6401) | comments

Meadows Praises President Trump’s Executive Order on Regulation Rollback

Washington, D.C. – Today, Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) applauded President Donald J. Trump’s announcement on executive orders related to regulatory guidance documents, bringing transparency and fairness to the regulation process.

Under previous administrations, federal agencies frequently used “guidance documents” as an off-the-books method for government regulations to be imposed with minimal pushback or delay. Essentially, businesses would receive guidance on new, unexpected regulations they had to comply with, even though they had not been adequately vetted through public input. While these guidance documents are not regulations of their own, they are considered as such when an agency communicates with regulated entities—so in effect, they carry the weight of a regulation without being subject to the rules and processes of regulatory accountability. This practice allowed agencies to bypass important practices such as cost-benefit analyses or public comment periods when implementing new regulations.

Simply put: in the regulatory world, guidance documents represent the swamp at its worst.

The new policy announced today by President Trump will protect Americans against secret, unaccountable interpretations of regulations and from unexpected penalties. Guidance documents will no longer be permissible as a work-around tool to bully Americans in to complying with new regulations not subject to normal procedures. Agencies will now be required to proactively educate the public, so businesses are not blindsided by the threat of costly lawsuits. Furthermore, it will ensure American citizens an opportunity to be heard as regulations are considered, rather than being punished by rogue agencies who use fear and the threat of costly court cases to force Americans into following their directives.

The executive orders from President Trump came after Rep. Meadows sent a letter to the President in October of 2018 recommending changes be made to the system on guidance documents. Rep. Meadows released the following statement on the President’s decision:

“The President’s determination to purge wasteful and outdated regulations from the federal registry has helped jump-start and grow our economy and reform the government’s approach to regulating. Perhaps just as important, though, is bringing common sense reform to how federal agencies go about issuing new regulatory guidance. It’s quite clear that past administrations used techniques to circumvent regulatory transparency and accountability to expedite new regulations in ways that were harmful to American businesses and families. Today, President Trump is putting a stop to it. I applaud the President for these executive orders and for his continued willingness to take on the federal government’s overreach. Once again, he’s showing why the American people trusted him in 2016: because he’s willing to step up and keep the promises he made to the voters.”

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