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Mark's Weekly Update - 6-21-17

Jun 21, 2017

Pray for the Shooting Victims

As many of you know, there was a shooting last week at the Republican Congressional baseball practice in Alexandria. In light of the terrible news, please be sure to pray for my friend Congressman Steve Scalise, Capitol police officers David Bailey and Crystal Griner (both of whom were injured while protecting everyone on the field), and the injured staffers Matt Mika and Zack Barth. Doctors are hopeful that all of them will make a full recovery—Congressman Scalise was upgraded to “fair” condition recently which is outstanding news!

Weeks like this one are a reminder that we cannot thank our Capitol Police officers enough for what they do every day. This situation could have been so much worse had they not been there in the line of duty. Please say a prayer for them. We often forget how much we really rely on our police until moments like these. 

Senator Rand Paul was actually at the field at the time of the incident and said he saw officers Bailey and Griner continuing to protect the scene even after being shot. That's what courage and heroism look like. Thank God for them.

I joined MSNBC to talk about the incident. You can watch here.

Interviewing on MSNBC, reacting to the shooting news

Thank you, Capitol Police

Freedom Caucus Calls to Cancel August Recess

The House Freedom Caucus is officially calling on Republican leadership to cancel the August district work period so that we can continue legislation and do what we promised.

With repealing Obamacare, tax reform, budget items, and other issues left to finish--Congress has too many important commitments to keep and far too few accomplishments made so far to go home for a month. If we don’t make real, definitive progress on our goals by the end of July, then we should work in Washington, D.C. through the recess until we finish the job.

You can read more about our position here.

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Interviews with CNBC and Fox News

Speaking of canceling the August district work period, I interviewed with Fox News and CNBC on that very issue—getting our jobs done and making sure that we get effective, comprehensive proposals on President Trump’s desk to sign before we leave. If we don’t do that, we shouldn’t go home.

You can watch the CNBC interview here and the Fox Business interview here.

Interviewing with CNBC

Interview with Fox News

Heritage Foundation Forum on Tax Reform

I really enjoyed attending a forum at Heritage Action on the issue of tax reform. Three of my House Freedom Caucus colleagues (Congressmen Jim Jordan, Dave Brat, and Warren Davidson) and I took part in a Q&A where we outlined some goals for a tax reform package. There are two key principles to know:

1) There is no consensus for the "Border Adjustment Tax" in Congress. We need to move on and debate a better proposal that benefits American families.

2) Timing is critical. It is absolutely essential that we have a finalized Tax Reform proposal ready to debate before August--and if we don't, we should cancel the August recess and keep working until we finish.

Watch my opening remarks here. You can also watch the full video here.

Speaking at the Heritage Foundation

Interview with Bloomberg News

Right after the tax forum concluded, I got the chance to speak with Bloomberg News and recap some of the issues going on in Congress. 

I’d encourage you to watch the full interview. You can do so here. Thanks to Kevin Cirilli and the outstanding team at Bloomberg for making the interview happen.

Speaking with Bloomberg News

Visit from the NC-11 Classical Scholars

Some of the NC-11 "Classical Scholars" visited my DC office this week! This is an outstanding group of young people. Thanks to them for stopping by the office and giving us the opportunity to take them on a Capitol tour.


Visiting with the Classical Scholars!