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Mark's Weekly Update - 2-6-17

Feb 6, 2017

March for Life

Last week, I promised more photos from the March for Life—you can see more below! This is the largest annual peaceful protest in D.C., where hundreds of thousands come from all over the country to stand for life and speak out for the millions of babies who have been aborted since Roe v. Wade. It was such a privilege to participate again this year and stand for the unborn. Thanks so much to everyone who braved the cold weather and came out to show support! Let us always remember that life is precious!

Incredible turnout!

(Left to right) With Rep. Mia Love, Sen. Joni Ernst, Author Eric Metaxas, Rep. Robert Aderholt, my wife Debbie, and Caroline Aderholt.

Surviving the cold with the crowd!

The Street leading up to the Supreme Court 

Cutting regulations

Outstanding news: President Trump signed an executive order taking a major step toward reducing regulations. For every new regulation introduced, two must be revoked.

I applaud President Trump for his commitment to roll back the regulatory state. Americans are most successful when Washington gets out of the way and allows everyday people to create their own path to success without the constant roadblock of government bureaucracy.

To read more about the executive order, click here.

Nominating Judge Neil Gorsuch for Supreme Court

I'm very pleased with President Donald Trump's nomination for the Supreme Court--Judge Neil Gorsuch. While I haven't had the chance to meet him, every indication about Judge Gorsuch is that he is a brilliant, principled man who deeply respects our Constitution and will put the rule of law first. Those are exactly the type of qualities we need in men and women who sit on the highest Court in our land.

Furthermore, this quote from Judge Gorsuch is extremely encouraging--"In our legal order, it is for Congress--not the Courts--to write new laws. It is the role of judges to apply--not alter--the work of the people's representatives." 

This perspective on the balance between Congress and the courts is all too refreshing. Once again, President Trump has proven that he is serious about keeping his commitments to the American people. I applaud him and his team for this outstanding choice.

(photo from Fox News)

Meeting with Dr. Rand Paul

Members of the House Freedom Caucus met with Doctor and Senator Rand Paul this week--discussing solutions to repeal and replace Obamacare. We're committed to giving Americans relief from this broken system and pushing real reform that allows for access to affordable healthcare for all!

The House Freedom Caucus—meeting with Dr. Rand Paul

Rep. Meadows, Rep. Jordan Call for Obamacare Vote

Speaking of Obamacare, my colleague Rep. Jim Jordan and I released the below statement on Obamacare repeal this week. We are calling on Congress to vote on the same Obamacare repeal bill that Republicans passed when President Obama was in office. Statement:

"Health care will be better and more affordable once Obamacare is repealed. We committed to the American people to repeal every tax, every mandate, the regulations, and to defund Planned Parenthood. That’s what the American people expect us to do – and they expect us to do it quickly.

Therefore we strongly encourage Republican leadership on Capitol Hill to take up the Affordable Care Act repeal bill that already passed the House, the Senate, and went to President Obama’s desk in early 2016. There’s no reason we should put anything less on President Trump’s desk than we put on President Obama’s now that we know it will be signed into law. We strongly encourage that this bill be brought to the floor for consideration as soon as possible so we can begin undoing this law that is hurting American families."

To read more, click here.

Interview with Lou Dobbs

In 2016, Republicans passed Obamacare repeal language that would have done away with the taxes, mandates, and regulations that have crushed working families--had President Obama not vetoed the bill. There is no reason we should pass a weaker, more watered-down bill now with President Trump in office. None.

The House Freedom Caucus has been in active discussions with Senator Rand Paul and other lawmakers to help develop patient centered, conservative healthcare reform that will allow for access to quality, affordable healthcare for Americans. Keep an eye out for more developments in the coming days.

Let's be bold. Let's hold each other to the promises we made to the American people, because we owe them nothing less. Let's get this done.

Watch my interview with Lou Dobbs here.

Interviewing with Lou Dobbs

Congratulations, Nathan Mahoney

Congratulations to Nathan Mahoney on achieving the rank of Eagle Scout--it was an honor to be there this weekend at his ceremony! Nathan is an outstanding young man.

With Eagle Scout Nathan Mahoney and State Senator Chuck Edwards

Honoring Mickey Marvin

This weekend I was honored to recognize the service of local legend, Mickey Marvin, by presenting a Congressional Record to Inez Taylor and Jonathan Marvin--Mickey's mother and son.

For those of you who don't know him, it would be difficult to do justice to what Mickey means to our community. He has been a cornerstone of Henderson County for years with his involvement--including working with youth camps, getting involved in local churches, and founding the Mickey Marvin Scholarship Fund to benefit local athletes.

Presenting a Congressional Record to Inez Taylor and Jonathan Marvin--Mickey's mother and son