Congressman Mark Meadows

Representing the 11th District of North Carolina


Mark's Weekly Update - 12-5-17

Dec 5, 2016

Interview with Lou Dobbs

The Green Party's "recount effort" appears to be focused on a different kind of "green" than we thought.

The hypocrisy (and fundraising) involved in the Green Party's "recount" push, the Trump transition team, and other topics -- it's always a pleasure to join my friend Lou Dobbs for an interview. Watch the full interview on Fox Business here.

Interviewing with Lou Dobbs

Running for Chairman of the House Freedom Caucus

As some of you may know, this week, I announced my intentions to run for chairman of the House Freedom Caucus – a group of conservative members of Congress that is committed to fighting for limited government, personal liberty, and Constitutional rule of law. 

The coming year will be a critical period for the Freedom Caucus, and I am humbled at the opportunity to speak with our members and hopefully earn their support for chairman. From day one since our founding almost two years ago, the mission of the Freedom Caucus has been to give a voice to the countless Americans who feel that Washington does not represent them. Our members are committed to developing and advancing a policy driven agenda that supports accountable and limited government, Constitutional rule of law, and principles that foster the liberty, safety, and prosperity of Americans. I look forward to hopefully earning the support of my colleagues and to building on the great work of my good friend, Jim Jordan, as we continue working to return our government to its rightful owner: the American people. To learn more, click here.

Introducing a Bill with Senator Ted Cruz

My friend Senator Ted Cruz and I introduced a bill this week, titled “The SuperPAC Elimination Act,” to reform campaign finance laws and put Main Street Americans on a level playing field with Washington bureaucrats. I encourage you to read our joint press release here that explains more about the bill. As the release notes, the SuperPAC Elimination Act removes the caps on direct contributions to candidates from individuals and requires donations of more than $200 to be disclosed within 24 hours. The bill will protect freedom of speech in America’s electoral process, while providing much-needed transparency in campaign finance.

To learn more, check out the story Conservative Review published this week. Click here.

House Conservatives Working to Overturn Burdensome Regulations

Exclusive story this week from Breitbart’s Neil McCabe: House Conservatives are compiling a list of over 200 federal regulations for President-elect Trump to overturn immediately.

Our goal in identifying these regulations is to do our part to help the new administration hit the ground running on day one toward the most productive 'first 100 days' in modern history. Many of the federal regulations from the Obama administration are crushing small businesses, hurting working families, and placing significant burdens on taxpayers. We want to waste no time in helping get government off the backs of Americans and get our country back on a path to liberty, safety, and prosperity for all. To read the full story, click here.

Fixing our Broken Refugee Resettlement Program

The terrorist attack this week at Ohio State University served as a very sobering reminder – our country is vulnerable. Responsible reforms to our broken refugee resettlement program cannot wait any longer. The safety of Americans must be our first priority.

My colleagues--Dr. Brian Babin, Rep. Jim Jordan, and others--are committed to fixing it. This week we interviewed for a story on our ideas to solve the problem and prioritize the safety of Americans. Read the full story here.

Discussing President-elect Trump’s Cabinet Picks

It's a new day in Congress and my colleagues and I are ready to work with the new administration to return our government back to the American people.

This week I joined my friends at Fox News to discuss President-elect Trump's cabinet appointments. Watch the interview here.

Interviewing with my friends at Fox News

Christmas Ornament Contest

Congratulations to the fourth grade class of Happy Valley Elementary School in Caldwell County – winners of my office’s first annual Christmas Ornament Contest!

This year, 4th graders in the 11th District were invited to participate in a “Christmas Ornament Contest,” creating their own ornament following a set of guidelines on my website. The ornaments we received from the students will be displayed on the Christmas tree in my Hendersonville District Office, and the judges made a decision on the best submission! The winning class will receive a flag flown over the US Capitol in their school’s name along with a certificate and signed class photo for each student. I’ll also have the honor of visiting the winning class and providing refreshments soon!

Special congratulations to Melissa Jaroszewski, fourth grade teacher at Happy Valley Elementary School -- She has extremely talented students!

The winning ornament – from Happy Valley Elementary School in Caldwell County

Tree from the NC Christmas Tree Association

Speaking of Christmas trees – I want to say a word of thanks to the wonderful folks at the North Carolina Christmas Tree Association for delivering a Christmas tree to my Hendersonville District Office! This is a wonderful organization that we have enjoyed a very strong partnership with since I have been in Congress.

Also a special thanks to Rodney Buchanan – owner of Buck’s Tree Farm in Bakersville, NC. Rodney is one of the best.

The office tree


My Deputy Chief of Staff, Wayne King, with Jennifer Greene (Executive Dir. - NC Christmas Tree Assoc), and Rodney Buchanan (owner - Bucks Tree Farm in Bakersville, NC)


My wife, Debbie, and I picking out the Christmas tree