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Reforming healthcare is critical to the future of our nation. With healthcare costs rising to record levels over the past twenty years, it is vitally important that we implement cost-control solutions. President Obama’s healthcare bill, the Affordable Care Act, does nothing to drive down the rising costs of healthcare and instead promotes more bureaucracy, more regulations, increased taxes, and less patient choice.

I believe we need to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act with real solutions that will actually help lower the cost of healthcare and leave the medical decisions to be made between a patient and their doctor, where it belongs. This starts with medical malpractice reform that protects the medical community from frivolous lawsuits and focuses on patient safety. We need to allow individuals and small businesses to group together to purchase the same health insurance plans as our larger employees. In addition, we should be allowing individuals and businesses purchase health insurance across state lines to promote competition within the health insurance market.

I am committed to repealing President Obama’s healthcare bill and replacing it with commonsense solutions that will improve healthcare quality while bringing down costs.

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