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Maintaining national security is one of the federal government’s primary responsibilities under the Constitution. We must ensure the people of the United States are protected by providing for our common defense. This nation has men and women in uniform stationed around the world with the goal of preserving our way of life. It is critical that our troops have the necessary resources to effectively defend our nation in the 21st century.

While we need to make sure the Department of Defense has the resources to protect our nation, this does not mean they should be written a blank check. With a national debt of more than $20 trillion, Congress needs to be working with our military leaders at the Pentagon to identify wasteful and duplicative programs that can be consolidated or removed in order to ensure our defense budget is being spent responsibly. As a member of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee, I look forward to working with my colleagues to guarantee our spending on defense is aiding troops on the ground and keeping our nation safe.

America is currently combating terrorism around the world. We cannot allow another terrorist attack to take place on our soil. Protecting our nation is not something that should be ever taken lightly. I am committed to working to make sure that our military has the capability to meet the modern-day challenges facing our nation.

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