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Throughout our nation’s history, legal immigrants have blessed the United States with talent, diversity and an expanding labor force that has been crucial in sustaining periods of robust economic growth. Restrained legal immigration is essential in maintaining our nation’s industrial capacity, technological edge and global competitiveness. However, illegal immigration puts tremendous strain on many of our nation’s resources, displaces American workers, threatens national security and makes a mockery out of our judicial system.

I believe immigration reform must, first and foremost, encompass a significant plan to secure and gain operational control of our borders, strengthen workplace enforcement and implement effective visa tracking capabilities. We must crack down on illegal immigration and enforce our current immigration laws, but until we enact measures to stop the flow of illegal immigrants across our borders, any reforms addressing the problem of illegals currently residing in the United States are impractical. Citizenship in this country is something to be valued, and I intend to fight to preserve that value.

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