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oil rig and sunset

With energy prices continuing to rise, it is essential that Congress take bold actions to address our nation's energy policy. America’s economic health and national security have become increasingly tied to our access to secure and affordable energy. High global demand for oil, coupled with increasing unrest in the Middle East and North Africa, continues to push the price of fuel to record levels.

In order to shield ourselves from the volatility of global energy markets, Congress’s number one energy-related priority should be to end our dependence on foreign suppliers. A more balanced energy portfolio, which includes both a robust, domestic oil and natural gas supply and numerous forms of renewable energies, is desperately needed to increase our energy independence. We must pave the way for increased carbon-based energy production by allowing greater drilling access to public lands, eliminating costly EPA regulations and investing in technological research to improve our energy production capabilities. In addition, we must always take advantage of opportunities to access sources of energy in neighboring countries, such as Canada.

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