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Having proudly raised two children, I have a personal understanding of the successes and failures of our education system. We need to ensure that we are implementing the appropriate policies to educate the future leaders of our nation.

When it comes to the federal government, I believe this is one of the many areas where less is more. Rather than have government bureaucracy interfering in our schools, I believe we need to return the decision-making responsibility to states and local school boards. The teachers and principals tasked with educating our youth are much more qualified to make decisions on issues like curriculum than bureaucrats in Washington.

North Carolina has a proud legacy of success in higher education. From UNC-Chapel Hill and NC State to Western Carolina University and Appalachian State, our universities, colleges, and community colleges have a bright future ahead. With that said, we need to continue to find ways to keep college affordable and ensure that every North Carolinian has the opportunity to advance their education.

The best way for the federal government to help out in education is to get out of the way. Let’s get our parents involved and promote accountability within the education system. We should be striving, not settling, when it comes to educating our students.

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