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US Capitol Building

I am deeply concerned about our nation’s fiscal situation and recognize the danger it poses to our economic well-being and national security. Today, out of control federal spending and excessive borrowing poses a serious threat to the long-term stability of the U.S. economy. At a time when strong leadership is needed in the White House, President Obama continues to fail to heed the warnings of economists and the desire of the American people to reduce government spending and balance the budget. With the national debt at over $20 trillion, the consequences of allowing our spending problems to continue to go unresolved are extremely dire.

In order to put us back on a path to budgetary balance and economic prosperity, we must offer bold solutions that tackle the drivers of the debt, including major reforms to our federal budget, tax code and entitlement systems. I will do everything in my power to rein in wasteful spending, fraud and abuse and push for tough reforms to ensure that we get our government’s fiscal house in order. I believe Congress must fulfill its responsibility to the taxpayers by being good stewards of their money. In order to do so, we will face some difficult choices, but the taxpayers should expect and desire nothing less from their representatives.

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