Congressman Mark Meadows

Representing the 11th District of North Carolina



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Defense and National Security

Maintaining national security is one of the federal government’s primary responsibilities under the Constitution. We must ensure the people of the United States are protected by providing for our common defense. This nation has men and women in uniform stationed around the world with the goal of preserving our way of life. It is critical that our troops have the necessary resources to effectively defend our nation in the 21st century.
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Economy and Jobs

One of my top priorities is to ensure that the government creates an economic-friendly environment that will spur growth and help rebuild the economy of Western North Carolina and the nation. In order to do so, Congress must prioritize legislation that encourages job creation by keeping taxes low, paying down our national debt, controlling spending and eliminating waste, fraud and abuse within our government.
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Having proudly raised two children, I have a personal understanding of the successes and failures of our education system. We need to ensure that we are implementing the appropriate policies to educate the future leaders of our nation.
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With energy prices continuing to rise, it is essential that the 113th Congress take bold actions to address our nation's energy policy. America’s economic health and national security have become increasingly tied to our access to secure and affordable energy. High global demand for oil, coupled with increasing unrest in the Middle East and North Africa, continues to push the price of fuel to record levels.
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Federal Budget and National Debt

I am deeply concerned about our nation’s fiscal situation and recognize the danger it poses to our economic well-being and national security. Today, out of control federal spending and excessive borrowing poses a serious threat to the long-term stability of the U.S. economy.
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Foreign Affairs

Serving on the Foreign Affairs Committee, it is my honor to ensure we are maintaining and developing positive relationships with our allies and nations across the globe. Additionally, I believe it is critical to provide for proper oversight of our foreign policy agenda and diplomacy efforts.
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Health Care

Reforming healthcare is critical to the future of our nation. With healthcare costs rising to record levels over the past twenty years, it is vitally important that we implement cost-control solutions. President Obama’s healthcare bill, the Affordable Care Act, does nothing to drive down the rising costs of healthcare and instead promotes more bureaucracy, more regulations, increased taxes, and less patient choice.
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Throughout our nation’s history, legal immigrants have blessed the United States with talent, diversity and an expanding labor force that has been crucial in sustaining periods of robust economic growth. Restrained legal immigration is essential in maintaining our nation’s industrial capacity, technological edge and global competitiveness.
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Social Security and Medicare

Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid must be at the center of any serious proposal to return spending to sustainable levels.
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Tax Reform

Having spent the majority of my life in the private sector, I fully understand the tax burden born by American workers, families and small businesses. In order to address our current fiscal crisis, we must get serious about tax reform and abandon the idea that simply raising taxes on Americans will solve our economic problems.
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Transportation and Infrastructure

One of the most valuable assets of our nation is the extensive transportation network we possess. A robust and efficient infrastructure is critical to growing the economy, driving down unemployment, and putting our country on track towards a balanced budget.
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Honoring the veterans who have defended our nation is of the utmost importance. To sacrifice life and limb to defend our freedoms and way of life demands our gratitude and respect.